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A commercial civil construction company with focus on the communications sector


Newoak Contracting was introduced to the world in 2013 with the idea of filling a niche market in the communications industry. Since then we have been extremely successful in providing an economical civil construction service in a rigging and tech heavy market. All of our staff are from commercial construction backgrounds and are well suited to the communications environment. We have assisted in the construction of over 700 communications structures to date. We have also continued construction in more traditional arenas and continue to welcome commercial construction projects from all other industries / sectors.

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We are also proud sponsors of the Central Coast Volleyball Club

Newoak Contracting has been the sponsor for Central Coast Volleyball Club for several years now, during which it has grown hugely in popularity. We are looking forward to this year where we are expecting comps with nearby regions now that we have enough players and we will be having a tournament for the CCVC – Newoak Cup! Anyone interested in joining or supporting Central Coast Volleyball Club and wanting more information please click below:

CCVC website Link


36 Kalele Ave, Halekulani, 2262, NSW

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36 Kalele Ave,
Halekulani, 2262, NSW


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